phone away from your bed at night


Let your phone sleep at night
Now that you cleanse your body from the inside and your skin from the outside, stay away from your phone. phones collect tons of germs and bacteria throughout the day. Even if you keep your phone clean, there’s always at least one germ that can cause a breakout. Keep your phone away from your bed at night if you want to wake up feeling happy instead of worrying about how to get rid of that zit.

Check your clock
Numerous researches show a lack of sleep can lead to severe acne. Beauty sleep is essential for your skin. You can get 8 hours of sleep, but still wake up feeling tired and with face full of breakouts. It’s probably because you go to bed at 1 a.m. or later. Go to bed before 11 p.m. to get enough of beauty sleep and prevent acne. It’s okay to skip your beauty sleep every now and then but don’t make it a habit.

Opt for silk pillowcases
Not only do silk pillowcases help prevent acne, they help prevent wrinkles and facial lines as well. Just try to switch your pillowcase as often as possible – if you suffer from severe acne, switch it out each day. No matter how clean your face is, your pillowcase is always a number two source of dirt, germs, and bacteria. It takes only a minute to switch your pillowcase out so don’t be lazy. Your face will thank you in the morning.

When it comes to your bedtime skincare routine, your laziness is the only reason you don’t or can’t cleanse your skin. Many women wonder why they suffer from breakouts when they remove and then apply makeup in the morning, eat healthy and stay hydrated throughout the day. The answer is obvious. pay close attention to your bedtime skincare routine and enjoy a healthy skin every morning. What are your bedtime beauty secrets?

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phone away from your bed at night